Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Scary Camp!

This morning was so exciting because year 5 and 6 had their camp. When I went to sleep last night I was just thinking about camp and my mind was just saying camp 4 times. I think that sleeping with Ane will be cool. The first thing we done was that we went to a swimming pool at Panmure. When we got there we had to watch the people that can swim well challenging each other. After that we went and had a swim. We had to stay there until it was 1:00’clock. After 1:00’clock we went and hopped on our bus to go back to school. When we got back to school we got our bags and went to our tents excitedly. Miss.Garden said that we had to go to our tents and make our bed beautiful. Then we had our afternoon tea. IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!


I felt happy when school started and when i found out that Mr.Marks was my teacher.
I felt sad when school finished at 3 a clock.
I felt the best when i was in rm 15.
I felt nervous when it the first day of school.
I felt funny because Mr.Marks kept on getting our names wrong.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tragic And Sad Tsunami

Thousands evacuated
Scattered like toys
Unable to swim
Nuclear leak
A tragic and sad quake

Massive fireball
Instant and powerful quake

Racing To Bases

When we were on our way to play baseball we were so excited that we wanted to play straight away with-out practising. Our coach was a professional baseball player and his name was Cola. There are 4 types gear that we played baseball with and they are called bats, bases, baseballs and gloves.

I felt very nervous when we had our first practice. Getting to practice every Thursday I feel very happy. Feeling very happy makes me proud of myself.

When I hit the ball I run as fast as I can to the bases. Finally getting to the third base I had butterflies in in my stomach. Running is so hard but when I ran I made a home run!