Friday, August 22, 2014

Explanation Writing

It’s really important to take really good care of your body and mind.

Be careful about the things you put into your body because some things may damage how your body works. It affects the brain badly too. For example alcohol, alcohol is really hard to break down in the lungs. Its take a lot of time.

Drugs, it slows down the message responses in your body. A lot of people like to take drugs because they think their cool, but they don’t know how bad it affects their bodies. There are different kinds of drugs like marijuana, p, gas, glue, cocaine and more. Drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs!

Alcohol and drugs can lead people into danger and people around them would be scared. Once there addicted to alcohol and drugs, they can’t stop. There family and friends will be afraid too.

So be really careful about the things you choose to put in your body. Make the right choices. Think about how serious it can harm your body.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Ed Experiment

Have you ever heard of the Life Education Caravan before? You learn a lot of different and interesting things there.

We had four sessions in total. We learnt about drugs and alcohol. It was surprising to find out how bad drugs and alcohol can damage your body and how it works.

Drugs affect the way your body works and damages the brain badly. It changes the way the brain works and it slows messages down. It can make you have double vision. Shocking right?

We watched some videos of people who took drugs. They explained what they took and how they started. They all took different kinds of drugs like marijuana, p, glue, gas, cocaine and more. They thought they were cool taking drugs and a lot of people around them were scared.

Alcohol takes time to break down in the lungs. It affects the adult lungs badly. It’s bad for kids because their bodies are not fully developed.

Monday, August 4, 2014

World War 1

It’s August the 4th 2014. Today marks the 100th year that the brave soldiers of New Zealand went to Europe to defend our country. Our Prime Minister (John Key) told Mr Burt that every school in New Zealand must have a special assembly for the remembrance of the people who died in world war 1.

Mr Burt explained how World War 1 started. He said that a man named Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were driving along the streets and then another man came and shot them.

I think we shouldn't have war because too many people lose their loved ones. More than nine million people died on World War 1. That’s heaps! I feel really sorry for the people who sacrificed there lives in World War 1. They were so brave! Lest we forget!! (We must not forget)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Reading Task

What’s For Lunch? This book we’re reading is about what the students had for lunch. Alex always had a nutty bar for lunch everyday. Mr Kenna was wondering why’d he always bring nutty bars for lunch everyday. So Mr Kenna decided to ask everyone what they had for lunch. He also put up a poster which had a pyramid with the right and bad food. The top had the treats, the middle had the oily fat ones and the bottom had the healthy food. You only eat the top ones sometimes, the middle ones not too much a day, and the bottom one you eat plenty. After that Rangi suggested to share his healthy lunch with Alex. Alex gave Rangi half of his nutty bar too.

Commonwealth Games Canada

Canada is one of the countries competing in the commonwealth games.

Canada is located in the continent North America. The population is 35 million. They speak more than one language, English and French. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa.

The most popular sport known in Canada is hockey, soccer and baseball. The color of their flag is red and white. They have a leaf on their flag which is known as the maple leaf.

Canada has teams competing in field hockey, boxing, table tennis, badminton, swimming and many more. I reckon Canada is going to be really good and win in hockey because that’s their main sport. They always play it back in their country.