Monday, March 31, 2014

Netball Writing


A few weeks ago we had netball trials. For those who don’t know what netball is, well it is a game where there are 7 players on the court and they get a position each to play in. This game mainly only contain’s girls to play but some school’s have mixed teams as well. In other country’s they have different names they use instead of “Netball.” Anyway’s our netball trials was really enjoyable and we had a lot of fun playing.

A week after our trials they made the teams and I found out that I am in team two. I was really happy to hear that I was in team two because team one is too hard and there are a lot of good netball players in that team. They also have complicated trainings and I'm not really fit to be in that team. We then got notices to take home to our parents to sign to say that were aloud to stay on Tuesday’s after school to train and head off to our games but our games are not till next term.

Our trainings are really unorginised because every time our coach tells us when we have our next training a lot of girls are always busy on that with other important stuff. So we got really sick of it and we all agreed to have practice on Wednesday after school so then no one will be busy on other things. I was really prepared and ready for training because I love netball so much and just want to play a fun game with the team.

Netball is a really fun game and activity to play at interval or lunch or even if your bored. But in netball when you catch the ball you have to stop running and your not aloud to step anywhere and you can only pass the ball to someone in your team before three seconds. If you keep playing netball you’ll get use to it and would enjoy it and you’d probably would want to play it every time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sport's At Tamaki College

Well our class and two other classes have been going down to Tamaki College for P.E! For those who don’t know what and where Tamaki is, well Tamaki College is obviously a college and it is located in Glen Innes on Elstree Ave. Tamaki College is filled with a lot of Maori and Pacific students.

We have to walk down to Tamaki College every Fridays in the middle block. We walk there because it’s only down the road and its a local place. When we get there we have to get into our groups and our tutors come to pick us up to start doing sports and activities. Our tutors are Siale, Kathleen, and Nane.

There were 10-12 students per group and it was mixed groups. We played like four different kinds of sport activities and some we haven’t even played before. The activities we’ve co-operated in lately was chain tag, relays, obstacle course, and lastly tag with a big tennis ball.

The obstacles course was kind of scary because the person who was doing the obstacle had to be blindfolded and the partner had to tell them where to go. Other than that all the other activities were heaps of fun. It was also enjoyable to play and participate in.

Last Friday we named our group “Assassins”. The leader of our team is Anamei because she is a House Captain. So after playing different sports we then huddled all together and did our cheer. Hopefully we play different sports and activities this week.  

Friday, March 21, 2014

Cyclone Lusi (Explanation)

Last week New Zealand got a warning that Cyclone Lusi was approaching. It was due to hit Auckland last weekend. A cyclone can cause heavy rain and strong wind and a lot of properties can get damaged. For those who don’t what a cyclone is really well, well it is similar to a tornado.

In a cyclone people have to get everything inside and pack a safety kit just incase the cyclone is severe.

We all thought that the cyclone was going to be severe, but it wasn’t as bad as expected. It rained for like three days and the wind was not so bad. Cyclones can be really dangerous and scary most of the times. It can also cause storms and sometimes lightning. Everyone has to stay inside and keep safe if a cyclones hits the place they’re at.

How you can prepare for a cyclone? Well you can pack any secure objects from outside just incase they go flying around. You can also pack a safety kit and store food and water. Another important thing to pack is obviously clothes. Trim any treetops and branches outside your house just incase it falls on top of your house and you may get hurt.
When a Cyclone hits you have to stay inside and stay safe. Cyclones can destroy your house and all is left is trees, rubbish and damaged stuff.    

A lot of dangerous and scary things happen during a cyclone, like floodings, storms, falling tree, huge waves and sometimes high tides can create a tsunami. It’s really important to prepare for a cyclone or even hurricanes. The possibilities in a cyclone is power cuts and deaths and for us kids to have no school.

After a cyclone hits there are a lot places full of debris and trees all over the place. But we were really lucky because the cyclone wasn't bad as expected. The cyclone is now heading off to hit Wellington (The capital of New Zealand). We’re just hoping that when it hits Wellington its not that bad!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Fiafia Writing :)

Announcements going through speakers, everyone excitedly running to their gorups, people crashing into each other in the breeze, crowded areas It was fiafia practice. We go every Thursdays to practice some traditional dances and songs. I picked my very own culture the Tongan group.

Every Thursday at two o clock we all head off to our fiafia groups for practice. In my group our tutor isPriscilla and she is a full tongan and she can talk fluent english and tongan. Our dance were learning is a traditional tongan dance and its a nice and slow song. What I like about my group is that were really focused and we get treats and how the big girls and little girls are doing seprate dances.

Fiafia is where everyone learns a traditional dance from where they come from and on the last day of school we all perform it to everyone! A little highlight from last years fiafia I really enjoyed was when we performed our dance and how we all learnt the moves in a week.

My expectations for this years fiafia is probably just exactly like last year but a bit more fun. Hopefully we get our dance done and ready just in time for the real performance. I am looking forward to watching the other groups dances they have learnt.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Sketchup Writing (Explanation)

Well our class has been using Sketchup. What’s Sketchup? Sketchup is a 3D digital designing programme. You can make toys or a mini you or create a model about anything you can imagine and print it out as a 3D object. Sketchup is a really fun and is an amazing programme to use for creating stuff from your own imagination.

Who uses it? Anyone can use it of course. In our class everyone has to use it because we are creating toys for our Junior students to play with in their free time and to keep them busy especially on rainy days. There are also leaders in our class who know how to use Sketchup really well and they’re the ones that show us how to use Sketchup.

How do you use it? You can use it on different kinds of devices. Like Ipads, Computers, Netbooks, and many more devices. You can also use it on the internet if you haven’t downloaded it onto your device. But it’s better to download it I reckon because it’s much easier then searching it up and taking up your working time.

Why is it special? It’s special because you can create anything that you never knew you could create and it’s really cool because it’s 3D. It’s also special because you can print it out and keep it or give it away as a gift. Sketchup is really special to me because I am a one very lucky student to use this amazing programme to create 3D objects.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sketchup Design :)

Our class have been making toys on Sketchup. For those who don't know what Sketchup, well Sketchup is a 3D digital designing or creating programme. You can create anything from your imagination and print it out as a 3D object. I made a robot, but from my view it doesn't look like a robot. Anyways I made it because our whole class all have to make a toy each for our little junior students to play with in their free time and on rainy days.