Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Upcoming Holidays

Nooooo it’s nearly holidays.

To be really honest I don't like holidays, only December holidays. The reason why is because its always boring and we barely go out. Last holidays we only went out on the last night, it wasn't really fun at all, we only ate at Sylvia Park and then bought junk and went home.

I’m looking forward to these holidays, even though I have an idea of what were going to do, stay home and talk and obviously watching television. I really want to watch Step Up All In and Annabelle.

These holidays better be a lot better then the last holidays!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Jordennes Birthday!

Today is a special day. It’s nothing serious and special in New Zealand that’s happening, but it’s a special day for my friend Jordenne. It’s her birthday!

This morning in class we started off with our karakia (prayer) and then a mihi (greeting speech). We didn’t know that our teacher had found out it was Jordennes birthday so I told my other friend Sela to tell her, so she did.

“Mrs Lagitupu, did you know it’s Jordennes birthday” Sela whispered. “Yes I know, just wait for Mele” Mrs Lagitupu kindly replied. So we carried on listening to Mrs Lagitupu tell us what we have to finish and complete today.

Mele ended up not coming, so we ended up singing without Mele. I looked over at Jordenne while we were singing and I knew she was going to be surprised and shocked. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN JORDENNE! Love you heaps

Monday, September 22, 2014

Unique Game Sport Presentation

Term 3 Reflection

This term has been a outgoing and fun term. By outgoing, I mean that a lot of students have been going out for sports and all different kinds of events.

I only participated in two sports, netball and rugby league. Netball finished around week five or six. We then had prize giving the week after on a Thursday. I can’t explain how cool and fun Netball was, even though we lost most of our games, we were all still proud.

Rugby League was the sport I enjoyed the most. We had two practice games against Stan Hope. They came to our school for the first game. In the end of that game, especially after a long day running in the mud, we won.

The week after that game we went to their school for the second and last 
practice game. We eventually came back to school with great news because we won again. Rugby league is probably my favorite sport, after all the experience this year and last year.

I can’t wait for next term because theres more exciting events coming up, like athletics and volleyball.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

Unique Sport

Sela, Jordenne and Asena AFL from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is our modified version of AFL.

Cross Country 2014

“BANG!” Mr Burt snapped the blocks together.

Our school had cross country last week on Thursday. It was on the top field near the courts. We all had to gather around at the school courts at one o clock. As soon as we got to the courts all the students had to sit in their Year level groups. Mr Burt said a little speech before the races started, and then he handed the microphone to Miss Va’afusuanga.

Miss Va’afusuanga told us how the races were going to start and end. Then she told the house captains to do their chants. For those who don’t know what house captains are, well it is a person who leads the house coloured teams. The house colours are Te Arawa (Red) Tainui (Blue) Matatua (Green) Takitimu (Yellow).

In the middle of the year two to four races, the year eights and sevens went down to the bottom field and sat down in our house colours. As soon as it was the Intermediate races, I got butterflies unexpectedly. The year seven boys were finishing their race, and Mrs Nua called up the year eight boys to line up because they were starting their race. I was cheering on heaps of people who were in Matatua (Green) because I’m in it obviously.

The senior students had to do two laps. Our run was pretty long, well that’s what I thought. When it was our turn to run, I felt my legs shaking a little bit. We all headed off to the start line and I tried stretching my legs so it would stop shaking.

“Set...” Mr Burt said as he was getting ready to snap the blocks together. We all put our left legs back and then “Bang” went the blocks. Everyone jogged and all we could see was Mele sprinting.

As soon as I exited the gates, out of the school grounds, I started walking. All the teachers cheered us and supported us to run, but I wasn’t really in the mood. I carried on walking until I got to Mr Barks. My friend Ashlee and I ran until we came along to Mele. She wasn’t feeling well so Ashlee took her back to school and I carried on.

I felt really relieved when I was on my second lap because I knew it was nearly over. Running as hard as I could I got near Miss Lavakula and I stopped for a rest. A smile hit my face when I was near the finish line, but I wasn't really happy about how I didn't try my best.

Although I walked most of the way, I still managed to finish in the end.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Netball Prize Giving

We had netball prize giving last night. A lot of parents gathered around in the hall and they brought along some food. It started at 6:00. We had to eat first before the award ceremony. There was heaps of food, more then I was expecting. I was lucky to grab the last sushi on the plate. There were also drinks and the only thing I didn't like about it was that it wasn't sweet.

After everyone ate we went and sat back down for the award ceremony. Each team had to make a chant or just do their cheer they always do on the court. Miss Va'afusuanga started from the Yr 1 teams all the way to the Yr 8 teams. Miss V would say everyone in the team and they would get a certificate and then there are three special certificates for best sportsmanship, most valuable player and most improved player.

As soon as Miss V got to the Yr 7&8's the crowd went louder. I was suprised when Miss said Sela got the best sportsmanship for this year in their team. When the year 7 team one did their chant everyone started laughing because Sela kinda mucked up. For our team Anamei got most improved player, Taamai got best sportsmanship and Sisilia got most valuable player. Our whole team got a chocolate and a certificate.

Playing netball has been a pleasure and I've enjoyed playing this year. I'm really going to miss playing for Point England. Thanks to Miss Paget and Valerie (Anamei's mum) for coaching us and feeding us after every game. You's made us a great team and also thanks for your guys support. I'll always remember our team Yr 8 Soul.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Plastic Bags Should Be Banned!

To: Prime Minister - John Key

Plastic bags should be banned. I am writing this letter to tell you that you need to do something about it. A lot of people have been chucking plastic bags around and its so light that the wind blows it away and sometimes ends up in the sea. Sea creatures can eat it and heaps of them die.

Plastic bags should have stricter rules. The price should go up and make people realize that its a waste of money buying plastic bags. Plastic bags nowadays are really dangerous.

When the plastic bags fly away and end up in the ocean, the sea creatures thinks it’s food so they end up eating it. The best thing to do is to ban these plastic bags. We can have more healthy living sea creatures in this world.

Plastic bags have caused a lot of damage to our sea animals and birds also. It’s also bad for our environment. As a concerned student, I think that our supermarkets should be banned from giving out too many free plastic bags.

This world would be really better without plastic bags! Plastic bags need to be banned immediately.

Yours Sincerely

Pt England School

Monday, September 1, 2014

Why Kids Should Exercise Everyday

My argument is based on why exercising everyday is good.

One of the reasons why exercising is good is because it helps with your sports. For example athletes practice and work hard everyday to get a placing in the Olympics. Practice, practice, practice, makes perfect.

Another reason why exercising is good is because it helps you get fit. When you get fit it helps you better in sports and events at school like cross country and athletics. It also gives you good result like a placing or you can also achieve a medal or something.

Exercising everyday can help make your bones stronger too. When your bones are strong you can do mainly anything you want to do or wished to do. Milk can also help your bones!

When your fit you feel a lot more better and your confidence builds. Your happy about yourself and sometimes even make into everything you try at school. Exercising sometimes fix problems, if your not happy about yourself then maybe try exercising.

These are some of the reasons why exercising everyday is good. It can do a lot of things. Your more confident when your around people.