Monday, April 15, 2013

My Reflection For This Term! (:

WOW! What a term it has been. This term has been really cool. All the stuff we’ve been doing was awesome. Esspecially tech down at Tamaki College! Tech is when we do different things.

My highlight for this term is Fiafia. I like Fiafia because I get to stand in front with Mary.V and Vivienne! We get to stand in front because we are the main ones in our group. Anyways I’ve also enjoyed tech because I get to learn how to draw properly cause I’m in Graphics.

What I didn’t like this term is P.E! I didn’t like P.E because it was too tiring and it was always sunny on the days we did it. But next term I wish to play some games in the hall.

I have managed to do my work well (I think). I’ve put so much effort into my work especially the independent stuff and movies. Next term I wish to do better at listening to my group mates ideas and use it. I have got along with others very well. The only thing I need to improve in is my maths because I am always behind. I am sometimes shy to share my ideas with my group because they might not like it.

My goals for next term are keeping in touch with my work and listening carefully to instructions. I really wish to cooperate better next term and no arguing.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Going into the hall I could see alot of strange people wearing green Cook Island clothes. “Wow!” I thought to myself. So I searched around the hall to look for some Cook Island drums. “I think they are just wearing there clothes to show there Cook Island people” I whispered to myself. I searched and searched around and there it was on the stage.

As soon as we sat down Mr. Burt (our principal) Said “Etu Tatou.” That meant we had to stand up ready for the national anthem. Finishing off the anthem we moved onto duffy certificates. Mary Vaisima got the certificate for our class. “Yuss! I tought it would be me” I said to myself. If it was me I would be shy.

Finally that finished! After that Ms. Muliaumasealii (Aka Ms. M) Ran in saying “Milimilimili Patia  Patia.” Patia means 1 clap in Samoan. She told us Fiafia was coming and Fiafia is when every cultural does a traditional dance of theres and preform’s it in front of heaps of people. After that The Cook Island Group performed. They were really good!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Day's Things Were Disappearing (Writing Sample)

On a really cold and windy day my mum and I went shopping. We went into the fruit shop and a strong wind nearly blew everything onto the floor. “WOW” I thought to myself. “What a strong wind” My mum whispered. We were looking for some vegetables for lunch.

I noticed something strange. Things were disappearing, the bananas, the apples even the Broccoli! I looked around me and my mum was gone. “Mum” I yelled. I heard no reply. So I yelled again “Mum!!” I still had no reply. I searched around and tried to find her but I couldn't.

Walking home a little worried, I realised that her car wasn't there. “That's strange” I said to myself. I carried on walking and went inside my house and I saw my dad sitting on the couch. “Have you seen mum?” I asked him.

“No I thought you were with her.” He answered back.

“Yes I was but she suddenly disappeared.”

“Well walk back to the shop and try and find her.” He glanced back.

I walked back to the shops and I found the fruit shop and there she was standing over by the pineapples. “Where did you suddenly disappear to?” I asked her.

“I went to the hair salon just to check out their new hairstyles.” She gently answered back.

“Well you got me worried” I said to her.

“Sorry darling” she said back.

“It’s ok, can we go home now?” I asked.

“Sure” she answered back. So off we went and when we got back home she made us a warm curry to eat. YUM!