Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Echolocation :)

This is a presentation I made about echolocation. Please leave a comment and I hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The weather today isn't good to be honest. By the look of it, it’s telling me that sports might be canceled and plans might be delayed.

I was really expecting to play Netball with no rain and just the nice sun shining, but no! It’s pouring a beach right now. Netball doesn't get canceled even though it’s raining.

This weather is only nice because I like the sound of rain. But other then that its looking very damp outside.

Right now the weather has calmed down a little bit and the sun is finally out, hopefully it stays like that until Netball!

Acrostic Poem (Jordenne)









This acrostic poem is about one of my friends Jordenne. She’s Samoan and is a year 7.

She is really outgoing and just so funny to hang with. She is really committed to play any sports, but unfortunately she injured herself at Netball.

She’s one of the brainiest year 7’s I know at school. She can be annoying at times but she's an amazing friend. She has an amazing personality! She’s also fast.

All these words describe her! If you want to visit her blog then here is a link to her blog. (

Monday, June 16, 2014

Acrostic Poem!


This is a acrostic poem about one of my best friends Porscha. These words all describe her personality!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Tamaki Technology

Have you ever heard of technology before? Well, three classes from our intermediate block goes down to Tamaki College every Thursdays for tech. There are three groups at tech and they are graphics, food tech, and hard material.

We experience a lot of different kinds of interesting things in graphics. Graphics is where you do art and draw a mixture of things. On our first day we had to draw our name tags for the front of our folders.

During our graphic weeks we've been making a lot of pop up cards. If we had finished making our first then we move on to making a second and we could also give it away as a gift. It was heaps of fun.

I learnt that art is a really cool subject and it actually helps in our learning. We also learnt how to draw horizontal lines and how to make pencils, rulers, and rubbers become an character.

I really enjoyed being in graphics this year because it was a lot more fun then last year.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Smart Footprint

Smart footprint is creating a positive digital footprint online. Its being cyber smart and making good choices and saying nice things.

Whatever site you go on online it leaves a footprint saying that you were there. It’s freaky right? Always keep in mind to do the right things online and be careful on what site your on, cause anyone can see it.

G-mail is one of the sites that you have to be really aware of. This site is where a lot of people say nice and bad things to each other. A lot of people get into deep trouble for getting caught saying bad things on mail.

Cyber bulling is also one of the most dangerous and stupid causes nowadays. It leads to suicide and depression and many more bad things that come toward the family and your friends.

So always remember that whatever site you go on or where ever you go there’s always a footprint, your footprint.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Reading Task (Week 3)

Sound in Space

List 3 interesting facts that you learned from the article:
1. There is no air in space
2. Vibration can travel through solid things as well as air
3. Space is not a noisy place

Why can’t we hear sound in space?
Because there is nothing for vibrations to travel through

How did NASA record the sounds of interstellar space?
The Data were stored on an old-fashioned tape recorder.

What does deep space sound like?
It is like dawn chorus of birds singing in spring from super bass.

What does the plasma wave detector detect? How do they turn this into sound?
It sense waves of electrons. Play data through a loudspeaker and listen!

Reading Task

Linking the World: The Internet

1. How does the internet work?
   Cables and wires

2. List 5 interesting facts that you have learned about how the internet is used:
(For example: 168 Million emails are sent all over the world every minute.)
1 ~ 600+ videos uploaded onto one video sharing site
2 ~ 1500 blogs posted
3 ~ 70+ new websites created
4 ~ 370 000+ minutes of voice call mode
5 ~ 11 000 000 conversations take place on instant messenger
All in sixty seconds (one minute)

3. Is there a cost to the internet? What are they and how do they impact us?
   No because its all free

4. When was the internet created? What was it’s main purpose at the time?
It was created in 1969! They developed the Advanced Research Projects Agency     Network (Arpanet), four large computers that could exchange information.

5. List 5 new words you have learned from this article.


How To Post A Piece Of Writing On Your Blog

A blog is an amazing site to share and post your work on. A lot of people around the world can see your work.

At our school we all have our own blogs and we always post our writing on it. Our teachers also check our blogs to see if we actually posted our work or not. Normally the main things we post on our blog is our writing.

Sometimes you can also post your maths or reading on your blog too. For those who don’t know how to post your work on your blog well it’s really easy. A piece of writing is the easiest thing to post on your blog.

First you go on your writing and copy the whole thing. Then go onto your blog and you will see a pencil and click on that, that means that your making a new post on your blog. Then you paste your writing on it. If you want to add a picture then there is a little picture icon on the top of where you post your writing at, you click on that and it will come up and tell you to pick a picture.

So if you think blogging is cool then maybe you should try it out!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Explanation On How To Play Netball

                  How to play netball.

Netball is a really enjoyable sport to play. It’s a game where only girls play but there can also be a mixed team. It’s also a popular sport.

There are seven positions in netball: Goal keep, Goal shoot, Goal attack, Goal defence, Wing attack, Wing Defence, and Centre.  

In netball there are sevens players on the court and one or two subs. In netball when you have the ball, you’re not allowed to move and you have to pass the ball within three seconds. When you defend your partner you have to be three feet away from her and then put your hands up and defend.

If you’re too close to your partner then that’s called an obstruction and you will have to stand down next to your opponent. If you ever touch your partner when they've got the ball then that is called a contact.

If both teams play fair then it will be a fun game.