Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Alien Visiting A Little Girls House!

One day a little girl was playing out side. She was playing tag with her brothers and sisters, when out of nowhere a spaceship landed. They went to check what it was. They were so shocked. It was Aliens.

The aliens looked so scary. The little girl was very scared. She ran into the house because she was so afraid. Her brothers and sisters said “HI”. The aliens were so confused. They didn’t even know a single word so the aliens kicked the sister and said “HI”.

The sister got so angry and went and got her mum. Her mum came outside to take a look. She saw her son looking at something. So she went up to her son and there was the alien. She got such a fright. She went to get the phone to ring the police. But then her son said “It’s Ok”.

The alien was so confused it started looking around. So a while later the aliens decided to leave. But the son didn’t want them to leave because he was interested in them. The aliens hopped in the spaceship and off they went.