Friday, March 22, 2013

Derelict House!

With a heavy heart I walked into the house. As soon as I got inside all I could see was smashed windows, shattered glass, spider webs and darkness. “Should I carry on walking?” I thought to myself.
 So I did. I was getting closer and closer to the stairs and the stairs was covered in spider web.

“Oh my goodness!” I whispered to myself.
I couldn’t stop myself from going upstairs. I carried on walking and as soon as I reached the top of the stairs I suddenly came into a statue and was so shocked. I saw a skeleton
“ARRRRRHHH!” I screamed.

I ran into one of the rooms and I spot something. I went to have a look and it was treasure. The only thing that was strange was that the key was lost. So I searched the whole room and it was lying under a pillow that said Sweet Dreams. So I grabbed it and I went to the treasure and opened it.

As soon as I opened I couldn’t believe it. It was full of gold.
“WOW!” I thought to myself.
“This is amazing” I whispered.
So I struggled taking it down the stairs and took it home. I gave it to my dad and he couldn’t stop staring.
“Must be our lucky day” He said.
“Yeah I’m sure it is” I said back.
After that we ate takeaway’s. DELICOUS!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Stormy Day (Narrative)

Walking along the beach I felt sand whipping on my legs as I watched the waves crash against the shore. Looking at the sand I saw some gleaming shiny shells. I went to have a look at the it but something strange took my mind off the shiny shells. “Hey” I thought to myself “I should see what it is.” So I dug under and my eyes just couldn't stop staring at it. I picked it up and it was a 50 dollar note.

“This must be my lucky day” I thought to myself. Suddenly the powerful wind blew the 50 dollar’s away. “Come back here,” I yelled to the 50 dallar note. My mum thought I was crazy talking to money. I tried to run after it but the strong wind pushed against me, it felt like I was walking.  It turns out to be my worst day ever!

While I was walking to my mum I spot something unusual in her hand. So I ran as fast as I could and there it was the 50 dollar note. “Thank the lord” I said to myself. I grabbed the 50 dollars off my mum but she wouldn't let go. “Can you give me my money” I yelled at her. “NO” she yelled back. “Why?” I said. “Because I found it so I’m going to keep it” she said. “Well can I just have 20 dollars Please?” I said back. “Sure” She answered.

“Can we go now because I’m really hungry” I asked. “Come on then” She said. “Yay” I said to myself. So when we got to the shops she gave me my money and i bought me some chips and a drink.