Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Being A Year Eight At Point England School

Attending all eight years at Point England school has been amazing.

I've learnt things I've never known about, I joined sports and activities that I never knew I could do. All the teachers here teach different things and it’s been a pleasure to learn different ways of writing, maths strategies, how to improve our work from all these wonderful teachers.

This has to be one of my favorite years at Point England school. I've only missed a few days of school this year, but last year was a different story. I would always wag school and I was really lazy, I didn't participate in that many sports. Somehow this year has really changed, I would sign up for sports, even though I knew I wouldn't make it in the team.

I've made a lot of year seven friends which I’m gonna miss when I go off to college. They know me really well, they know how to make me laugh, smile, angry sometimes, cheer me up and there just the best. Some of my year eight friends I've known since year one and I’m gonna miss them too, all my friends in fact.

I’m gonna miss all the teachers here. All there growlings, stories, jokes, and the things they've taught me. I’m really gonna miss this school, no other school would replace Point England as my favorite school.

A big thank you to all the teachers for teaching me manners, how to be a roll model, how to be a leader and thank you for just being the best. I’m gonna miss yous all, and especially my friends.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Te Tuhi

Last week on Tuesday our class went to a art gallery called Te Tuhi at Pakuranga. As soon as we got there we sat down in the foyer and then our two instructors came. Their names were Jeremy and Luisa.

Jeremy first said a big welcome and then he told us about what where we weren't allowed to go and what things we weren't allowed to use or touch. He then lined us up in two lines and we headed off to the art room to learn about Polynesian art work/tapa and to do some art.

Jeremy showed us two different types of tapa and one was a Samoan one and other one was a Fijian one. He then gave both of the tapa out for us to touch and look at and he told us to think about the difference in the two tapa.

The difference I found out between these two tapas was that the Samoan one was dyed thick and the Fijian one thin, it was pretty obvious because when I ran my hand through it, it was bumpy and rough. The other difference was that the Samoan tapa had a design of a whole flower and the Fijian one was with a flower in the center and small flowers and diamonds around it.

We then had to do a tapa design but we didn't use real tapa, we used thick paper that had four squares for us to draw in. We scrunched our paper first to make it look like a tapa and then ran over the four squares with brown pastel. We then used brown dye and dyed our whole paper, we then had to give it to Jeremy to put on the stairs to dry.

The class that went to the art gallery before us had done the same thing and left it there for us to do our art on. We all grabbed one and we had to draw something that represented family, culture, home and interest.

In the first square I drawed three hearts with wings on them which represents my family, how? Well there’s only my mum and dad and me. I then drew a cross on the second square and it represents my culture because on the Tongan flag the cross stands out most. On the third square I drew music notes because that's one of my favorite interests. On the last square I just drew a simple house for home. We then had to color two boxes with pastel and the other two with dye.

As soon as everyone finished their artwork we then went for a tour through the art gallery. It was a pleasure to go to Te Tuhi and I really enjoyed my time there.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Athletics 2014

After all the trainings and practices, it finally came to the real day.

Last week on Friday our school had athletics. We started after morning tea because the grass was still wet. We had to participate in our years. For example the year seven boys and girls were separate, the year seven girls did their events together and the year seven boys did theirs together.

Walking to the courts and seeing everyone in their house colors, I was really excited. Our sports leader was Miss Paget and Miss Muliaumaseali’i. Before starting our events, Mr Burt did a prayer for the weather and to have a good day. The first event we did was javelin. After like the first ten girls threw it came to me, I threw the javelin and came second place but then more girls threw and unfortunately I ended up coming nothing.

We then did some fun activities like tiger war, sack race, softball throw, skipping race, relays and hurdle relays. For softball throw we got placings but we don’t go to inter zones for it. I got second place but then again the more stronger and sporty girls beat me and ended up sitting down in the no placing line. I was getting a little angry because I never came anything in the first few events we did.

After the fun activities we went to shot put. For shot put there were two sides, one side was for practice throws and the other was for the good and final girls to see who comes in first, second and third place. The same thing happened in shot put but this time I came third and went to the other side to throw for my last try, but again I failed. It was alright because I don’t really like shot put.

We stopped at shot put because it reached three o clock. We had to finish the rest of the events on Monday but it was raining all day, so we did it yesterday. The events the year eight girls needed to finish off was high jump, sprints and discuss. At high jumps about fifteen or ten girls made it over but the rest including me didn’t make it over. It wasn’t like last years one where they started off with the stick low, it was way higher. It came to the final girls to jump and then Mr Burt called us to come over to do sprints and carry on high jumps after.

I didn’t try my hardest in sprints because I know if I race the fast girls then I’ll come last. I was cheering my friends, Porscha and Hope because their in the same house color as me. I couldn't stop cheering them because they kept coming a place and I was really proud of them. In the finals they all raced and then Porscha came first, Hope came second and Ana and Taamai came third equal. I couldn't stop buzzing out because every time Porscha ran it looked like she was jogging but she actually tried her best.

We then moved onto discuss. I couldn't wait for discuss because last year I came third equal with Mele and this year my aim was to try come second or first. I had a little practice before I had my turn and when I had my first go I failed because it went out. I begged Miss Paget for a second go and she said yes. I went again but unluckily I failed. I was really unhappy at myself but at least I tried my best. The girls that made it over the high jump went back to high jumps to finish it off.

I’m really looking forward for Friday assembly to see what house color wins. Hopefully Matatua (green) wins, finger crossed.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Marsden Bay (Camp)

Packing away my last minute shopping into my bag, I was so excited for camp. Before we left, Mr burt came and had a little talk with us. The talk was just about loving one another and putting our bad past with other people behind us. He reminded us to have a good time at camp and then he did a prayer.

We then headed off to the bus to pack our bags away. My friends and I all went on the big bus. I thought the ride would only take ninety minutes but it took like two hours. We stopped at a beach and we went for an hour and a half walk. After a long walk through muddy paths we managed to get to the other side where there was beach. We had a little rest at the beach before we went to camp.

My excitement was building knowing that we were nearly at camp. As we were entering Marsden bay, everyone started staring and some people even started cheering. We all got off the bus and gathered our bags altogether in one spot. Mrs Nua then told us to all go to the deck and wait for the manager of Marsden Bay to come and introduce us to our camp.

I was really looking forward to day two of camp but there were heavy showers, lightning and thunder. After breakfast my friends and I asked Mrs Nua if we were still going to do activities in this weather and she said yes. My group was Ruakaka B and our first activity was archery. The manager of our camp came and told us the instructions and then we started our event. One of the boys in our group shot the arrow and got it near the target.

The hooter rang and we had to switch to our next activity, that was the fire cooking challenge. It wasn’t really a challenge. We just had to cook two things, it was just like an afternoon tea. After cooking our marshmallows we just had a little bit of free time in the hall. After like fifteen or twenty minutes we had to go kayaking, some of us got our towels and then we walked down to the beach.

We got to the beach and Mrs Samuels was already there. She told us a few instructions about kayaking and then we all got a life jacket and a kayak. We only had a little play around near shore and then Mrs Samuels took us for a tour. I didn’t want to go so I stayed back and waited for them. I was getting scared because I heard thunder and then I saw the girls coming back. Kayaking wasn’t really my thing.

We headed off back to camp to have our showers, everyone was soaking wet. Everyone finished their showers and then went to the dining room for dinner. Everyones stomachs were filled and then we went out to play spotlight. On the first round I never got caught but on the second and third round I got caught. We then had to go sleep because it was raining.

On day three my group and another group spent the whole day at surf education. Before we left we had to make our lunch. It was probably only a twenty minute drive. The two surf lifeguards introduced themselves and then they told us a some information about them and what they do.

For the first two blocks they were explaining and telling us instructions about being safe in the water. After lunch we all got changed and went to the beach to do some activities in the water. First we had a warm up and then we did this surfing and saving activity. It had finally reached three o clock and then we had to go back to camp.

Hopping off the bus, I ran straight to my cabin to look for some clothes because I was desperately want a shower. So I made it just in time to be the first one to have a first shower. After that we had a little bit of playing time and then we had dinner. For dinner we had like meet balls with like noodles, I was thinking it was spaghetti bolognese. My friends and I all finished eating and then we played volleyball.

The hooter rang and then we gathered up in the hall to play some games before heading off to the campfire. Mr Samuels said tat we’re going to play stuck in the mud but the only to get us out is if a glowing stick is thrown at us. You can carry on running if it missed. We had like four rounds and then we went to the hall to practice our chants to sing and perform at the campfire.

Our group was really unorginised because we kept arguing over what song we were going to sing. So then Tyla (one of the leaders for our group) suggested that we just sing price tag by Jessie J and we all agreed. The campfire was probably the best way to end our camp. It was a really unforgettable night.

Before heading back to school and home, we went to Waiwera and spent an hour and a half there. I didn’t swim because we weren't allowed to wear cotton clothing and I had no togs. After an hour and a half with no swimming and boredom we finally got back in the bus. Henry was really entertaining us on the bus because he kept singing and making these funny facials I’ve never seen before.

I would do anything to go back to this camp. Best camp I’ve ever been to. My friends and I made and gained a lot of funny and good and unforgettable memories.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Art Attack Title Page

                           This is my art attack title page, it relates to our topic this term.

Why Is It Important To Wash Your Hands?

It’s really important to keep your hands clean, why? It takes away 99% of the bacteria in your hands.

Washing your hands can keep you healthy and clean. If you’re used to washing your hands every time after you eat or go toilet then that’s good. However, if you’re not that person then I suggest you start making a habit of washing your hands now. This is the best way to prevent getting sick.

It can also prevent us from spreading diseases to other people. The most important times to wash your hands is when you go toilet, after you eat and even when you've finished playing outside. You have to use soap because if you use no soap germs could still spread.

For example doctors always wash their hands before and after they've checked a patient. They try prevent themselves from getting germs that the patients have. Even when you’re at home trying to cover up a cut then you must wash your hands after you’re done.

Not only is it important to wash your hands, it’s important to wash and keep your body clean.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Tattoo Design

This design really got me because it had different types of designs from different cultures, like Maori, Tongan, Samoan.

Why Is It Important To Have School/Class Rules?

Why is it important to have class rules you ask? Well, what would it be like having no class rules? There would probably be bullies, a lot of things breaking, no manners, disrespectful kids, swearing and more.

Luckily our class and school isn't like that. We have a lot of class rules, if we wear shoes in class then we have to write shoe lines at detention, theres also a rule where were not allowed to chew gum or else we’ll have to write chewing lines. Our school has rules that keep us safe and well.

Class rules can keep us away from violence, destructions and much more. It can keep our environment much more safe. People that have problems with manners can learn a lot from class rules, they can become a better person.

If our school had no rules, maybe it wouldn't be how it is now. There would probably be more fights, more chaos, maybe our school would be known as a dangerous school. These things are all possible but with school and class rules, it would make probably be impossible.

Just remember class rules can really help a lot of people, it can keep every school safe. Maybe it can lead some people to getting scholarships.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Walking to school, I kept thinking about what our topic was going to be about. At our school we always have a topic to learn about, we also have a immersion assembly every term. For those who don’t know what a immersion assembly is, well it is a assembly we have on the first day of school, each team have to perform a item that relates to our topic.

After we sang our national anthem, Mr Burt (our principal) said a big “Welcome Back!” He then handed it on to team 1. Team 1 did a item where they went to the beach and to see the environment to inspire them with their art. The only thing I like about their item was how they were chucking out chocolate fish.

Team 2 did a item about primary colours. They played a little movie at the beginning that shows all the primary colours and what colours it makes when you mix two of the primary colours together. Team 3 did a item about artists. Mrs Barks (the storyteller) said each of the artists names and explained a little information about what they did and what their artwork was about.

Team 4 did a item which was similar to team 3’s one but we all had to vote for the best artist by clapping and whoever got the loudest claps then obviously they won, and that was the New Zealand artist. One of the artist from team 4’s item was Monet, his artwork was pointillism, it was really interesting.

Team 5’s one was just painting a portrait upside down and a little clip was playing in the background. As soon as they took their artwork off and put it up we all laughed because it was an artwork of our principal Mr Burt, and our two deputy principals Mrs Jarman and Mr Jacobsen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Upcoming Holidays

Nooooo it’s nearly holidays.

To be really honest I don't like holidays, only December holidays. The reason why is because its always boring and we barely go out. Last holidays we only went out on the last night, it wasn't really fun at all, we only ate at Sylvia Park and then bought junk and went home.

I’m looking forward to these holidays, even though I have an idea of what were going to do, stay home and talk and obviously watching television. I really want to watch Step Up All In and Annabelle.

These holidays better be a lot better then the last holidays!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Jordennes Birthday!

Today is a special day. It’s nothing serious and special in New Zealand that’s happening, but it’s a special day for my friend Jordenne. It’s her birthday!

This morning in class we started off with our karakia (prayer) and then a mihi (greeting speech). We didn’t know that our teacher had found out it was Jordennes birthday so I told my other friend Sela to tell her, so she did.

“Mrs Lagitupu, did you know it’s Jordennes birthday” Sela whispered. “Yes I know, just wait for Mele” Mrs Lagitupu kindly replied. So we carried on listening to Mrs Lagitupu tell us what we have to finish and complete today.

Mele ended up not coming, so we ended up singing without Mele. I looked over at Jordenne while we were singing and I knew she was going to be surprised and shocked. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ONCE AGAIN JORDENNE! Love you heaps

Monday, September 22, 2014

Unique Game Sport Presentation

Term 3 Reflection

This term has been a outgoing and fun term. By outgoing, I mean that a lot of students have been going out for sports and all different kinds of events.

I only participated in two sports, netball and rugby league. Netball finished around week five or six. We then had prize giving the week after on a Thursday. I can’t explain how cool and fun Netball was, even though we lost most of our games, we were all still proud.

Rugby League was the sport I enjoyed the most. We had two practice games against Stan Hope. They came to our school for the first game. In the end of that game, especially after a long day running in the mud, we won.

The week after that game we went to their school for the second and last 
practice game. We eventually came back to school with great news because we won again. Rugby league is probably my favorite sport, after all the experience this year and last year.

I can’t wait for next term because theres more exciting events coming up, like athletics and volleyball.  

Friday, September 19, 2014

Unique Sport

Sela, Jordenne and Asena AFL from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

This is our modified version of AFL.

Cross Country 2014

“BANG!” Mr Burt snapped the blocks together.

Our school had cross country last week on Thursday. It was on the top field near the courts. We all had to gather around at the school courts at one o clock. As soon as we got to the courts all the students had to sit in their Year level groups. Mr Burt said a little speech before the races started, and then he handed the microphone to Miss Va’afusuanga.

Miss Va’afusuanga told us how the races were going to start and end. Then she told the house captains to do their chants. For those who don’t know what house captains are, well it is a person who leads the house coloured teams. The house colours are Te Arawa (Red) Tainui (Blue) Matatua (Green) Takitimu (Yellow).

In the middle of the year two to four races, the year eights and sevens went down to the bottom field and sat down in our house colours. As soon as it was the Intermediate races, I got butterflies unexpectedly. The year seven boys were finishing their race, and Mrs Nua called up the year eight boys to line up because they were starting their race. I was cheering on heaps of people who were in Matatua (Green) because I’m in it obviously.

The senior students had to do two laps. Our run was pretty long, well that’s what I thought. When it was our turn to run, I felt my legs shaking a little bit. We all headed off to the start line and I tried stretching my legs so it would stop shaking.

“Set...” Mr Burt said as he was getting ready to snap the blocks together. We all put our left legs back and then “Bang” went the blocks. Everyone jogged and all we could see was Mele sprinting.

As soon as I exited the gates, out of the school grounds, I started walking. All the teachers cheered us and supported us to run, but I wasn’t really in the mood. I carried on walking until I got to Mr Barks. My friend Ashlee and I ran until we came along to Mele. She wasn’t feeling well so Ashlee took her back to school and I carried on.

I felt really relieved when I was on my second lap because I knew it was nearly over. Running as hard as I could I got near Miss Lavakula and I stopped for a rest. A smile hit my face when I was near the finish line, but I wasn't really happy about how I didn't try my best.

Although I walked most of the way, I still managed to finish in the end.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Netball Prize Giving

We had netball prize giving last night. A lot of parents gathered around in the hall and they brought along some food. It started at 6:00. We had to eat first before the award ceremony. There was heaps of food, more then I was expecting. I was lucky to grab the last sushi on the plate. There were also drinks and the only thing I didn't like about it was that it wasn't sweet.

After everyone ate we went and sat back down for the award ceremony. Each team had to make a chant or just do their cheer they always do on the court. Miss Va'afusuanga started from the Yr 1 teams all the way to the Yr 8 teams. Miss V would say everyone in the team and they would get a certificate and then there are three special certificates for best sportsmanship, most valuable player and most improved player.

As soon as Miss V got to the Yr 7&8's the crowd went louder. I was suprised when Miss said Sela got the best sportsmanship for this year in their team. When the year 7 team one did their chant everyone started laughing because Sela kinda mucked up. For our team Anamei got most improved player, Taamai got best sportsmanship and Sisilia got most valuable player. Our whole team got a chocolate and a certificate.

Playing netball has been a pleasure and I've enjoyed playing this year. I'm really going to miss playing for Point England. Thanks to Miss Paget and Valerie (Anamei's mum) for coaching us and feeding us after every game. You's made us a great team and also thanks for your guys support. I'll always remember our team Yr 8 Soul.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Plastic Bags Should Be Banned!

To: Prime Minister - John Key

Plastic bags should be banned. I am writing this letter to tell you that you need to do something about it. A lot of people have been chucking plastic bags around and its so light that the wind blows it away and sometimes ends up in the sea. Sea creatures can eat it and heaps of them die.

Plastic bags should have stricter rules. The price should go up and make people realize that its a waste of money buying plastic bags. Plastic bags nowadays are really dangerous.

When the plastic bags fly away and end up in the ocean, the sea creatures thinks it’s food so they end up eating it. The best thing to do is to ban these plastic bags. We can have more healthy living sea creatures in this world.

Plastic bags have caused a lot of damage to our sea animals and birds also. It’s also bad for our environment. As a concerned student, I think that our supermarkets should be banned from giving out too many free plastic bags.

This world would be really better without plastic bags! Plastic bags need to be banned immediately.

Yours Sincerely

Pt England School

Monday, September 1, 2014

Why Kids Should Exercise Everyday

My argument is based on why exercising everyday is good.

One of the reasons why exercising is good is because it helps with your sports. For example athletes practice and work hard everyday to get a placing in the Olympics. Practice, practice, practice, makes perfect.

Another reason why exercising is good is because it helps you get fit. When you get fit it helps you better in sports and events at school like cross country and athletics. It also gives you good result like a placing or you can also achieve a medal or something.

Exercising everyday can help make your bones stronger too. When your bones are strong you can do mainly anything you want to do or wished to do. Milk can also help your bones!

When your fit you feel a lot more better and your confidence builds. Your happy about yourself and sometimes even make into everything you try at school. Exercising sometimes fix problems, if your not happy about yourself then maybe try exercising.

These are some of the reasons why exercising everyday is good. It can do a lot of things. Your more confident when your around people.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Explanation Writing

It’s really important to take really good care of your body and mind.

Be careful about the things you put into your body because some things may damage how your body works. It affects the brain badly too. For example alcohol, alcohol is really hard to break down in the lungs. Its take a lot of time.

Drugs, it slows down the message responses in your body. A lot of people like to take drugs because they think their cool, but they don’t know how bad it affects their bodies. There are different kinds of drugs like marijuana, p, gas, glue, cocaine and more. Drugs don’t choose people, people choose drugs!

Alcohol and drugs can lead people into danger and people around them would be scared. Once there addicted to alcohol and drugs, they can’t stop. There family and friends will be afraid too.

So be really careful about the things you choose to put in your body. Make the right choices. Think about how serious it can harm your body.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Life Ed Experiment

Have you ever heard of the Life Education Caravan before? You learn a lot of different and interesting things there.

We had four sessions in total. We learnt about drugs and alcohol. It was surprising to find out how bad drugs and alcohol can damage your body and how it works.

Drugs affect the way your body works and damages the brain badly. It changes the way the brain works and it slows messages down. It can make you have double vision. Shocking right?

We watched some videos of people who took drugs. They explained what they took and how they started. They all took different kinds of drugs like marijuana, p, glue, gas, cocaine and more. They thought they were cool taking drugs and a lot of people around them were scared.

Alcohol takes time to break down in the lungs. It affects the adult lungs badly. It’s bad for kids because their bodies are not fully developed.

Monday, August 4, 2014

World War 1

It’s August the 4th 2014. Today marks the 100th year that the brave soldiers of New Zealand went to Europe to defend our country. Our Prime Minister (John Key) told Mr Burt that every school in New Zealand must have a special assembly for the remembrance of the people who died in world war 1.

Mr Burt explained how World War 1 started. He said that a man named Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were driving along the streets and then another man came and shot them.

I think we shouldn't have war because too many people lose their loved ones. More than nine million people died on World War 1. That’s heaps! I feel really sorry for the people who sacrificed there lives in World War 1. They were so brave! Lest we forget!! (We must not forget)

Friday, August 1, 2014

Reading Task

What’s For Lunch? This book we’re reading is about what the students had for lunch. Alex always had a nutty bar for lunch everyday. Mr Kenna was wondering why’d he always bring nutty bars for lunch everyday. So Mr Kenna decided to ask everyone what they had for lunch. He also put up a poster which had a pyramid with the right and bad food. The top had the treats, the middle had the oily fat ones and the bottom had the healthy food. You only eat the top ones sometimes, the middle ones not too much a day, and the bottom one you eat plenty. After that Rangi suggested to share his healthy lunch with Alex. Alex gave Rangi half of his nutty bar too.

Commonwealth Games Canada

Canada is one of the countries competing in the commonwealth games.

Canada is located in the continent North America. The population is 35 million. They speak more than one language, English and French. The capital city of Canada is Ottawa.

The most popular sport known in Canada is hockey, soccer and baseball. The color of their flag is red and white. They have a leaf on their flag which is known as the maple leaf.

Canada has teams competing in field hockey, boxing, table tennis, badminton, swimming and many more. I reckon Canada is going to be really good and win in hockey because that’s their main sport. They always play it back in their country.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Immersion Assembly

This terms topic is “Game On!” At assembly each team performed their items.

Team 1 played their movie. Their movie was about going for gold and achieving goals and trying your best in everything! Team 2s movie was similar to team 1s movie but slitely different.

Team 3 presented a movie about gymnastics. Their movie was really interesting to watch and their was a lot of flexible women in the movie. Team 4 made a movie about a new sport in the commonwealth games.

Team 5s movie was the best to be honest. Their movie was basicly just about how they went overseas and watched different sports that relate to the commonwealth games. It was fun watching team 5s movie and one of the teachers also got to see Kim Kardashian, WOW!


These holidays were boring to be honest. I spent the whole holidays in Mangere with a few of my first cousins.

My uncle asked us on the first week if we wanted to go watch movies and we all said yes, but then he said he was lying! We were all really angry because he played a trick on us.

All we did was stay home, clean the whole house and just watch t.v! Boring right? We would always get in trouble every single morning for waking up late. Like what? Its the holidays, we can wake up anytime or sleep anytime.

The second week of holidays was way better than the first week. We had more food and more fun movies came on t.v! On Friday night (2nd week of holidays) we went to Sylvia Park to watch movie. All the movies were too late so we just went to the food court and had butter chicken. We then went to ice skating but we didn't go in because the queue was too long. So we went to countdown and bought junk and went home.

I am really expecting a more fun and way better holidays next time!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Commonwealth Games Facts

5 Facts that I already know about the Commonwealth Games:

Commonwealth games is like olympics
Theres 71 countries in it
Commonwealth game started in 1930 and goes on every four years
A lot of sports included
Soccer/Football, Gymnastics, Netball are included in the commonwealth games

Useful links:

10 new facts that I found out about the Commonwealth Games: (include a link to the site where you found your information. Your information needs to be in your own words)

Australia, Canada, England, New Zealand, Scotland and Wales have attended every game
The first Commonwealth Games was held in Hamilton, Canada in 1930.
Scotland hosted the games in 1970 and 1986
50% of people in the Commonwealth are under 25 years old
Four hundred athletes from eleven countries competed over 6 sports and 59 events in 1930.
Willie Wood, a lawn bowler from Scotland, was the first competitor to compete in seven Commonwealth Games, from 1974 to 2002
Greg Yelavich, a sports shooter from New Zealand, won twelve medals in seven games from 1986 to 2010
Four nations have won just one Commonwealth medal. Gambia and the Norfolk Islands is at the bottom with a single bronze
Thirty one of the commonwealth members have a population size of 1.5 million people or less
At the 2014 games there will be 6,500 athletes 71 nations competing in 17 sports over 11 days

Friday, July 4, 2014

Future Aspiration

Have you ever heard about future aspirations? Well, this morning three special leaders came to our school to talk to us about our future and careers.

We greeted them with a school waiata and then we had a welcome speech by Andrew Patterson. Andrew Patterson is a radio dj that talks on the radio every morning. He told us some really interesting things about himself.

He then gave it to Jason Sharma to do his speech. Jason Sharma is known as maths teacher at Tamaki College. Jason was talking about how he became a teacher and why he loved it. Jason said that he was really into maths and he studied really hard to become a maths teacher and he reached his goal. He made his parents really proud and also himself.

The next speaker was officer Fareka. Officer Fareka is a policeman. He said that his uncle inspired him to become a police. He told us that if we ever go to college and wants to become a police then we could always go to him and he can show us around the station and also take us for a ride around.

The final speaker was the ex head girl at Epsom College. Her name is Arizona Lega. She was the best speaker to be honest. She was really confident and she told us about her past years in primary and how she’d always get in trouble for talking to much. When she was in intermediate she became school captain and she kept asking the teachers if they were sure if she was school captain because she’d always get in trouble and they said yes. Every teacher told her that her talent was talking. She said that it was suprising news how she was head girl at Epsom and shes now studying to be a journalist.

These three special speakers really helped and inspired me into what I want to be in the future.