Friday, November 18, 2011

Ice cream comets

1) Hook
2) First that happened
3) Second thing that happened
4)third thing that happened
5) Conclusion

Have you ever made ice cream comets before? Well we have and I am going to tell you all about it.

On Tuesday the first of November our class, room fifteen, made ice cream comets. Mr Marks got a medium sized bag and put heaps of biscuits in it and smashed it, crushed it and bashed it. When he was done smashing, it really started to look like dust. The smashed biscuit ended up looking like a crumbling mess.

After that Mr Marks gave all of us a cone. He got his ice cream scoop and started scooping. When he scooped some on to mine I excitedly ran to the smashed biscuits and dunked my ice cream in. I was going to eat it but then I looked at it and it really looked gross.

It really looked like dust of the ground. The good thing is I started to eat with out thinking its gross. When my ice cream was finished I really was scavenging for more.

I really enjoyed making ice cream comets it was so much fun. It was really tasty. Next time if we make ice cream comets I really hope that Mr Marks can scoop a big one for me.