Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Holiday In Sydney

In my holidays my mum and I went to Sydney and my family there was so surprised. When we got to the airport I couldn't wait to see my cousins. Getting to my aunties house I hopped out of the van and ran to see if my cousins were home, but when I opened the door and checked if they were there, my auntie said “they have gone to school”.

I was so bored, I went to the lounge and I took a nap. Waking up from that good nap I met with my cousins and my mum’s brother came with his two sons and their names are Rodney and Joe. Rodney is eighteen and Joe is sixteen. They both go to the same college and it is called Oatley Campus. They have to wear a suit and a church kind of looking pants. My cousin Victoria and I always take them to school every morning and they train back after school. When they get back home I always want to play with them, but they always talk in their room. It’s always boring when they do that so I just watch t.v in their room. Sometimes when I am watching television they fight or change the channel and they also annoy me. Most of the time they tell me to make them a cup of tea which makes me so angry.

On Sunday we went to church and when we got inside their church it was very small. Their church finished at midnight and every week after church we always go to my uncles house and eat there with a few of our family. After that we play cards while my mum, auntie, uncles talk.

I really enjoyed my time in Sydney and I hope to go back very soon.