Tuesday, June 11, 2013

John Buying A Creative Picture. (Made Up Story)

The moment John saw the picture, he was suprised of how creative the picture was. This picture has really cool patterns. I haven’t seen these patterns before. Someone drew Monalisa on this picture and it looks realistic and it actually goes with the patterns. So he looked for a while and this lady came and said “Hi! How can I help you?”. 

“Yes how much is for this picture here?” John said excitedly.

“It is $100” The lady replied.

Well the lady was right its expensive because those patterns no one seen before and someone actually drew Monalisa.

“Ok! I’ll come back!” John said crossly.

So John went home crossly because he didn’t have enough money to buy this creative picture.

John actually didn’t go home. He went into his car and opened up his wallet. He only had $70. So John was thinking and thinking. Five minutes from that moment he turned on his car and he went. He went to his sister’s house Alice. Walking up to the door John was nervous because he know his sister doesn’t give him money. So John Knocked on the door and Alice opened the door with an big smile.

“Hi Alice, I just came by to ask if you had $30?” John asked slowly.
“Whats $30 for?” Alice answered.

“Its for this really creative picture, it has Monalisa on it that someone actually drew (Alice loves Monalisa) it also has patterns that no one seen before!” John said rushly.

“Well you know I love Monalisa..... OK! Here you go” Alice said while she was giving John $30.

“Thank you sis!!” John excitedly replied.

John quickly rushed back to the store. They were getting ready to close the store but John ran so fast they let him in. John ran and grapped the picture and went to the same lady that came to him earlier and gave the money to her. When he got back home he hanged the picture up on the wall! “What a day it was!!” John whispered to himself.