Friday, February 28, 2014

Thank You Letter

Dear Parent Helpers,

Thank you for coming to help with the picnic. We all really appreciated your help. Your help was really important because if you didn’t come then we would have stayed at school and do work.Thanks for letting us girls have lunch with you and for letting us use your speaker.  

At the picnic we do alot of sports like Volleyball, Held, Baseball and many more. My favourite part of the day with you was just chilling under the tree with the girls and listening to music on your speaker. One of my very own favourite part of the picnic was listening to the karaoke.  

It was very hot and exhausting but really fun! My second favourite part was going for a walk with Iron and Josephine on the beach. My best memory of the picnic was playing volleyball because it was so much fun and that was the only sport I played.

A big thank you for coming!

Kind regards

Asena Valoa

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Netbook Explanation

What is a netbook and how is it used?

Here at Point England school we use a device called a netbook. A netbook is a device that helps us with our learning and it is like a mini version of a laptop. The brand is also Asus. We use it alot and it is so much easier to use and our learning has improved more because of these netbooks.

There are all sorts of parts in these netbooks. The parts I know are the hinges, lid, battery, key pad, key board, charger, camera, and alot more. These netbooks are really useful, but we have to really take care of them. The hinges can break easily if you just drop it once. The battery is also dangerous because you never know someone might just come and swap your battery with theirs.

We use netbooks to do our work and go on different kind of sites. These netbooks are good for our writing and reading such as maths. We use site’s like maths whizz and xtra maths and studdyladder for reading and maths. It is really helpful!

A netbook works with a battery because it runs the netbook and it has to be charged and it will work. It also works with internet and sites like docs, mails, and you can also search some stuff you need to know.

Some more details about netbooks is that its really good to use and it can help alot of people. The sound quality is really good but the video camera is kind of slow. But other then that its really good.

Friday, February 14, 2014


We had assembly today. We have it every Friday, but today was an exciting and cool assembly. It was exciting and cool because there were performances from some of our students performing their hip hop dance.

There were also some professional island dancers that came and performed at assembly today. Their costumes were so pretty and white and they wore like a little flax thing. Also at assembly Mr Burt talked to us about our new korero “Is it kind?” Is it kind relates to our behaviour in school and taking care of our stuff.

After talking about our korero we moved on to sports. Sports is the part I always love because Miss Va’afusuanga is so funny and entertaining. First of all she started of with a little quiz and who ever would get the answers right would get a rugby poster. After the quiz she just told us some of her notices for training and other important stuff containing sports.

Finishing of sports Mr Burt then handed out the duffy certificates and gave our prefects, house captains, and ambassadors their badge. He then finish handing them out and we moved on to handing out book bags for the new year one students that just started school. We then finished assembly off with a Waitangi movie and after that we all left but the house captains and prefects stayed behind.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What I Think Empathy Means?

Empathy is where people are able to understand other people’s feelings. Its also when you know others people’s emotions and can imagine how they’re feeling. For example if someone tripped over and has hurt themselves a friend would probably help them out and ask them if they’re feeling alright.

Empathy also means that you can share other people’s feelings. It can also relate to friendship. True friends can tell each other how their feeling and they can also build a picture in their head of their emotions. Caring for each other can also relate to empathy.

Looking out for one another and caring about how your friends or family are feeling is what I think empathy means. Some of the words that empathy means is caring, emotions, understanding, feelings.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

3 P Writing.

The Meaning Of Protection: Protecting others, Looking after gears/friends, Caring.

Protection is a defenition of looking after gears and protecting others. For example at our school our korero is caring and it relates to protection. At our school we have alot of kids and the year eights has to be a good leader and look after the little kids. Being protective can make you become a good leader and alot of people will trust you.

The Meaning Of Participation: Joining in, Participating in sports, Volunteering.

At our school we always do p.e everyday and p.e is where we play alot of games and sometimes do excersize. If we don’t participate in the games we play we would always get told to run around the field or just get in trouble. There are times when people feel left out and joining in can really help.

The Meaning Of Partnership: Working as a team, Meet the teacher, Team member.

Meet the teacher is coming up next week and it is really good to get your parents to meet your new teacher. Working together is helpful because you can make good decisions and agree on one thing. Cooperating with others and working to the best of your ability can be really good.