Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Holidays!

Well I guess my holidays were not cool at all. Every day I would just stay home doing chores. I hate doing chores! Any ways the first week of holidays was maybe a chores week. The last week of holidays was the best week ever. On Wednesday My cousin’s and I went to the sky tower. We just went because it was so boring staying home.

As soon as we got to the sky tower we hopped off and went up the elevator. Getting off the elevator I was so excited. We went down the escalator and met with some of my cousin’s work mates. After talking with my cousin’s work mates we went up to the last level of the sky tower. The last level is level 60! I told my cousin’s that level 60 was the last level but they didn’t believe me. I got very annoyed.

Anyways back to the last level. Getting off the elevator I was so happy. The last level is called “The Sky-Deck.” At the sky deck we had to do this activity but I didn’t want to do it because I was too lazy. Well after all that fun time at the sky deck we went back down to the main level and we got free ice blocks. That really cooled me down because it was really hot.

So it was time to go. I thought we were going to go back home but no we didn’t. We went to the KFC to have a feed. That feed was so nice and nice timing because I’d had no breakfast and I was so hungry. After our feed we went back home and when I got home I went for a nap.

Thank you Mr. Hutchings for proof-reading my work.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

WILL.I.AM! Visit Room 14 from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Well we had a really important assembly last week and there was a really important visitor coming. Mr Burt never told us who the special visitor was. I was like "Fine Then." So we practiced our Waiata (Song) while we were waiting for the special visitor.

After practicing our Waiata Mr Burt told us who the special visitor was. It was WILL.I.AM! I was like Oh My God!!!!! He is really famous, More famous than Titanium and Stan Walker! I am a really huge fan of WILL.I.AM! I love his songs Power and Scream & Shout!

I couldn't believe this was going to happen. So we were waiting and while we were waiting we watched some funny movies. Mr Burt stopped the second funny movie we watched and he got the micro phone and said WILL.I.AM is here. So I looked back and there he was walking in to the school breeze. Well WILL.I.AM came to give us a really special gift to us.

As he was walking in the hall I couldn't stop staring at him. He looked really cool in his cool clothes. Well he told us about his life first that he grew up with no dad which was really sad :(. He said that his dream was to take care of him mum. He also told us that he is going back to school in September this year to learn about computer science. He grew up in Los Angeles.

Thank you Mr. Hutchings for helping me proofread my work.