Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Athletics 2014

After all the trainings and practices, it finally came to the real day.

Last week on Friday our school had athletics. We started after morning tea because the grass was still wet. We had to participate in our years. For example the year seven boys and girls were separate, the year seven girls did their events together and the year seven boys did theirs together.

Walking to the courts and seeing everyone in their house colors, I was really excited. Our sports leader was Miss Paget and Miss Muliaumaseali’i. Before starting our events, Mr Burt did a prayer for the weather and to have a good day. The first event we did was javelin. After like the first ten girls threw it came to me, I threw the javelin and came second place but then more girls threw and unfortunately I ended up coming nothing.

We then did some fun activities like tiger war, sack race, softball throw, skipping race, relays and hurdle relays. For softball throw we got placings but we don’t go to inter zones for it. I got second place but then again the more stronger and sporty girls beat me and ended up sitting down in the no placing line. I was getting a little angry because I never came anything in the first few events we did.

After the fun activities we went to shot put. For shot put there were two sides, one side was for practice throws and the other was for the good and final girls to see who comes in first, second and third place. The same thing happened in shot put but this time I came third and went to the other side to throw for my last try, but again I failed. It was alright because I don’t really like shot put.

We stopped at shot put because it reached three o clock. We had to finish the rest of the events on Monday but it was raining all day, so we did it yesterday. The events the year eight girls needed to finish off was high jump, sprints and discuss. At high jumps about fifteen or ten girls made it over but the rest including me didn’t make it over. It wasn’t like last years one where they started off with the stick low, it was way higher. It came to the final girls to jump and then Mr Burt called us to come over to do sprints and carry on high jumps after.

I didn’t try my hardest in sprints because I know if I race the fast girls then I’ll come last. I was cheering my friends, Porscha and Hope because their in the same house color as me. I couldn't stop cheering them because they kept coming a place and I was really proud of them. In the finals they all raced and then Porscha came first, Hope came second and Ana and Taamai came third equal. I couldn't stop buzzing out because every time Porscha ran it looked like she was jogging but she actually tried her best.

We then moved onto discuss. I couldn't wait for discuss because last year I came third equal with Mele and this year my aim was to try come second or first. I had a little practice before I had my turn and when I had my first go I failed because it went out. I begged Miss Paget for a second go and she said yes. I went again but unluckily I failed. I was really unhappy at myself but at least I tried my best. The girls that made it over the high jump went back to high jumps to finish it off.

I’m really looking forward for Friday assembly to see what house color wins. Hopefully Matatua (green) wins, finger crossed.

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  1. Hi Asena

    I really enjoyed reading your recount about athletics. I was impressed with how you shared your thoughts and feelings through your writing. I was also impressed with your attitude and how you were such a great friend and cheerleader by supporting your friends. Well done!


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