Friday, February 10, 2012

Going to Eastern

In the holidays On Saturday our whole church went to the beach called Eastern. When we got there I was so excited because I really wanted to swim. After that I asked my mum if I can go and have a swim.

My mum said yes so I got into my togs and went in the water. When I got into the water I was freezing cold, So I got back out and waited until my cousins came.

Looking around I saw my cousins and then I stood up and started running to them. When we were walking on the sand we saw a dead penguin. After that we buried it and decorated it with shells.

After we decorated the graveyard we went to a volley net and played volley ball. We looked around and then we saw more people so we went to see them. Suddenly we noticed the tie was coming in so we went for a swim. I hope I get to go to Eastern again.

All About Me 2012

Malo e lelei my name is Asena valoa. I am ten years old and my birthday is on November the 9th. My nationality is Tongan. My hair color is black and my eye color is brown.

My family members are Fatai (my mum), John (my dad), Rose (step sister), Tevita (step brother), and Sam (other step brother). My best friends are Quziyah, Grace, Hope, Anamei, Giselle, Mya and Jouan. I have no pets.

The sports I like is Touch and Netball because it has alot of running and I can achieve my goals. My favourite animal is dogs. Charlotte’s Web is my favourite book. The T.V programme I love is H20 just add water.

At school my favourite subject is Maths. The worst subject is reading. In the future I would like to be teacher because it is so much fun teaching kids and make them have a better future. The hobbies I like is playing with my cousins dog and I like to go shopping.