Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Holidays.!

In the holidays My cousin Luana and I went to the movies in Manukau. There were alot of movies to pick, but I wanted to watch the Life Of Pi so we did. I was so excited that I started to run up the stairs but then I kinda got over excited and tripped over. Lucky my popcorns didn't tip over.

Getting back up I realised that I got a bruze. I got back up and we went to watch our movie. When the movie started we were putting our 3D glasses on. As soon as the movie started it was boring and the movie was about a boy called Pi. He was telling a story about his life and when he was small he was in a little boat with a tiger.

When it came to the ending bit my eyes started hurting and I was so happy to go back home because I really wanted to sleep!!

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