Friday, August 23, 2013

Movie Making Reflection.

For our movie we did a friendship love movie and we tried really hard to make the message clear and I think we kinda did. We watched it over and over again and everyone started crowding around us and they said really nice things about our movie. I think we really did great with our movie making and we finished it before everyone on Thursday and uploaded it on Vimeo. We tried our best to do different kind of shooting techniques and I think we did different shots. Our sound quality is really good. Our acting was really impressive and I think its the best acting we’ve ever done!! Our graphics are really unique and its cute. Well we have no animations in our movie. Next time i think we need to work harder at filming still and not being shy when we act and act really serious.

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  1. Hi Asena,
    That was are really good Reflection that you have done.\. Keep up the great work and keep posting good stuff
    From Moala


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