Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Story!

Christmas is nearly here and I’m really excited. At church we always celebrate christmas by getting a money from our savings at church and we always sing christmas songs. My mum and my cousin and I put up our christmas tree and decorated it with different kind of christmas decorations. At our church we also are going to perform a play to show that christmas was the day that Jesus Christ was born! But in our play I am one of the animals. Every christmas my family and I always gather up together at my cousins house and we always do secret santa.

There was this one christmas I think 2 years ago and we went to church to celebrate christmas and our minister of our church calls out our name and then we go get a envelope with money in it. When I went up to get my envelope from our minister and after the whole celebration was done there was a lollie scramble but I was just too excited to see how much money I got. So I quickly opened my envelope and then I counted all of it up and I got $325 because my parents savings goes towards christmas and it comes to ME! I was so happy but my mum told me to give it to her so I only took $20 dollars and gave the rest to her.

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