Thursday, December 12, 2013

My Netbook Reflection!

1st writing:

Having my own netbook has really helped me in my learning and work. It has also helped me finish my work faster and in time. Ever since I got my own netbook it changed everything and everything was easier to do. My netbook has also helped at home because I can finish my unfinished work. But it sucks because I only take my netbook home on week days and weekends but not holidays.

Well our school doesn't need to use books any more because we have our own netbooks. Remembering the pain from writing in our books makes me feel glad that we now have a netbook of our own. These netbooks really changed my life and school life especially at home when I’m bored and then I remember that I have my netbook at home so then I go grab it and finish some school work off!

My work has really improved from last year I actually enjoy doing my work alot now!! I really enjoy having my own netbook! I always visit sites that I haven't visited and I sites that I've always wanted to visit and I always keep in contact with my friends at home by going on school gmail and chatting to them.

2nd writing: (Improving)

I have discovered how to use a lot of apps online and I’ve learnt how to post a presentation on my blog all by myself. Having a netbook connected to the internet helped my learning a lot this year. I've learnt heaps on line because we have been researching a lot of stuff on line like we've been researching about Nelson Mandela a lot and I have learnt a lot more about Nelson Mandela then I knew before! I've also researched about MLK (Martin Luther King) and we've been researching different kind of art works for our creative strand this year! On my netbook I have used different math's siteslike xtra maths and maths whizz and it's actually better and it helps me with my maths!

I have learnt a really special thing this year from my teacher and that is how she taught me how look after my netbook properly and carefully and she also tells me to put my netbook in the cupboard before someone just comes and stands on it or something might happen to it! I have learnt how to work apps and do heaps of stuff all by myself online.

Well if I get lost on something and I need help I always think of going to my teacher but then I’m always with my friends and then I just ask them for help and I learn alot of stuff from my friends. I’ve also learnt alot from my dad because he always encourage’s me in doing my work at home and he also taught me how to improve on my work!

I have helped heaps of kids with posting stuff and heaps of other stuff! My key competencies has really grown through using different kind of digital tools.

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