Monday, October 20, 2014

Why Is It Important To Have School/Class Rules?

Why is it important to have class rules you ask? Well, what would it be like having no class rules? There would probably be bullies, a lot of things breaking, no manners, disrespectful kids, swearing and more.

Luckily our class and school isn't like that. We have a lot of class rules, if we wear shoes in class then we have to write shoe lines at detention, theres also a rule where were not allowed to chew gum or else we’ll have to write chewing lines. Our school has rules that keep us safe and well.

Class rules can keep us away from violence, destructions and much more. It can keep our environment much more safe. People that have problems with manners can learn a lot from class rules, they can become a better person.

If our school had no rules, maybe it wouldn't be how it is now. There would probably be more fights, more chaos, maybe our school would be known as a dangerous school. These things are all possible but with school and class rules, it would make probably be impossible.

Just remember class rules can really help a lot of people, it can keep every school safe. Maybe it can lead some people to getting scholarships.

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