Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why Is It Important To Wash Your Hands?

It’s really important to keep your hands clean, why? It takes away 99% of the bacteria in your hands.

Washing your hands can keep you healthy and clean. If you’re used to washing your hands every time after you eat or go toilet then that’s good. However, if you’re not that person then I suggest you start making a habit of washing your hands now. This is the best way to prevent getting sick.

It can also prevent us from spreading diseases to other people. The most important times to wash your hands is when you go toilet, after you eat and even when you've finished playing outside. You have to use soap because if you use no soap germs could still spread.

For example doctors always wash their hands before and after they've checked a patient. They try prevent themselves from getting germs that the patients have. Even when you’re at home trying to cover up a cut then you must wash your hands after you’re done.

Not only is it important to wash your hands, it’s important to wash and keep your body clean.

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