Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Immersion Assembly

Walking to school, I kept thinking about what our topic was going to be about. At our school we always have a topic to learn about, we also have a immersion assembly every term. For those who don’t know what a immersion assembly is, well it is a assembly we have on the first day of school, each team have to perform a item that relates to our topic.

After we sang our national anthem, Mr Burt (our principal) said a big “Welcome Back!” He then handed it on to team 1. Team 1 did a item where they went to the beach and to see the environment to inspire them with their art. The only thing I like about their item was how they were chucking out chocolate fish.

Team 2 did a item about primary colours. They played a little movie at the beginning that shows all the primary colours and what colours it makes when you mix two of the primary colours together. Team 3 did a item about artists. Mrs Barks (the storyteller) said each of the artists names and explained a little information about what they did and what their artwork was about.

Team 4 did a item which was similar to team 3’s one but we all had to vote for the best artist by clapping and whoever got the loudest claps then obviously they won, and that was the New Zealand artist. One of the artist from team 4’s item was Monet, his artwork was pointillism, it was really interesting.

Team 5’s one was just painting a portrait upside down and a little clip was playing in the background. As soon as they took their artwork off and put it up we all laughed because it was an artwork of our principal Mr Burt, and our two deputy principals Mrs Jarman and Mr Jacobsen.

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